Mission & Vision

Our Logo

UMC Victoria Hospital

The name ‘UMC’ is a reference to ‘Unihealth Medical Centre’, adapted from the medical centres preceding the commissioning of the Group’s hospitals. UniHealth symbolizes the underlying principle of the Group – ‘Being United in Healthcare’ and is reflective of the vision of its founders to ensure provision of effective healthcare services for all global citizens, irrespective of the numerous cultural, economic or geographic differences and distances.

The logo provides the Group its corporate identity and unifies its team across various geographies while giving confidence to its associates and clients.

Depicted in bright and bold colors, the logo is centered around Africa, the continent home to the medical centres and hospitals of the Group, providing a distinct unifying identity to all individual units across Africa. The rod with the snake wrapped around has been inspired from the logo representing doctors globally – identifying them as the primary providers of healthcare services in a selfless manner to every single patient they come across.